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Websites that work for you

Why WordPress? Well, we think it’s the most flexible, efficient and user-friendly content management system (CMS) out there. (It’s also the most popular, supporting over 60 million sites, so we aren’t alone in our opinion.)

It allows us to create a custom-themed site that’s perfect for you. A site that looks awesome and has all the functionality you require, while being easy for you to maintain (no expensive fees just to upload a new picture or some fresh content).

— How do we get started?

As with all of Our processes, we don’t crash ahead like a moose through the undergrowth, we take time to listen and establish what you need. How should your site look like? What should it do? Who do you want to attract? What’s your budget? Backed by our experience of creating websites of all shapes and sizes—from simple start-ups to complex multi-user platforms and e-commerce portals—we set to work.

!What do we deliver? We build a website that works for you in exactly the way you need it to.


— What do we include?

You get a well laid-out, modern website that is completely mobile responsive and retina ready, so it looks good on any device, and is built to the very latest security and accessibility standards. It will, of course, also have an SSL certificate, and be search engine optimized (SEO ready).


— Ever changing possibilities

And the great thing is that WordPress is so flexible. It’s easy to expand your site with more functionality and design tweaks. Even better, we’ll build your site (and give you tutorials) so that when we hand it over you won’t have to rely on anyone else to refresh the content, you’ll be able to do it yourself. WordPress + TaMim = everything you need in a website and nothing you don’t.

Featured WordPress Projects

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