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Selling your brand online

You wouldn’t want a bricks and mortar store that was difficult for your customers to find their way around or cost a fortune to maintain. So why (we’re sure you can see where we’re going with this) would you settle for a web store like that? We know you need a site that looks awesome, but we also know you need a whole lot more. That’s why our e-commerce packages are complete.

— We take care of everything

Complete means complete. Working directly with you to find out your exact needs, we bring in all our experience and expertise to create the best way for your business to make money online. The finished site will look incredible, completely fit your brand, and be easy to browse and shop on—as well as being super secure.

!Everything is designed in line with the best and latest practices, especially designing for mobile (which accounts for more than 50% of online sales).



— But that’s not all…

We help you upload products, set up payment gateways and accounts, SSL certificates, shipping and tax tables, policy pages, email subscriptions, social media integration and blogs.

And we teach you how to use everything, so you can confidently run your store. From receiving and processing orders, customer management, sending email notifications, maintaining inventory and stock, coupon creation, SEO, uploading and importing products.


— Are we for real?

You’re thinking, is there anything these TaMim don’t do? Yes, log rolling. That isn’t one of his superpowers. But for everything e-commerce, we’re pretty confident we’ve got it covered for you. We deliver, you start selling.

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