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Rules to follow for a Refund

We will Be working with the Process of Upworks Direct Client Service by which we both can feel safe and secure. After Starting or Finishing Project your mood Could be change and you could want a Refund for that. Read the Below things to know How and when You could get a REFUND.

When your Money is Refundable and how much can be Refunded ?

  • We Just Started the Project and you planned to Cancel it.
    In this Moment You get 100% Money back as Refund
  • We Finished the Project at most 50% and you want to Cancel
    You get 50% of your Money as Refund
  • We Finished the project Properly but You want to cancel and get Refund.
    You get 25% or more as refund but you have to show a valid cause or reason otherwise you won’t get a Refund

NOTE : If you Don’t like the Service then you have to stop in the midway and you will get 100% Money as Refund ( Have to show a valid Reason or Cause)

Refund Process

If you close the contract while waiting for a refund, you’ll still only have the usual 14 days to leave feedback. If you wait longer than that, you’ll lose your ability to leave public feedback on the contract.

The freelancer or agency can enable feedback changes if you leave feedback and want to change it later.

Based on your request, your freelancer or agency can then choose to issue a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund at all. Even without a formal request, they can proactively initiate a refund through Upwork on any contract, active or ended, as long as:

  • The refund is within 180 days of the payment
  • The refund amount is not more than what they earned on the contract
  • They have funds available to cover the refund

Or If it’s not work or can’t be initiated then Please send and Email to Us about the Issue or request Refund :

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