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Order Creation

As Seller (TAMIM ) and buyer both needs a Contract and Order to be created we’ve Choosen Upworks Direct Client To create the Order.

Direct Contracts Image - Order Policy

The Image Above is a Screenshot of Upwork’s Direct Client Creation


How It Works

The Procedure is too Easy and Protected for both Client and Service Provider/Freelancer. Which is Below –

  • We will Create and send a contract to our non-Upwork client.
  • Client accepts and deposits the contract payment in escrow.
  • We will Request payment from the client when the work is done

How it Works - Order Policy


Here is the Procedure

Contract have to be created from our Side. We will Fill up the form With Clients Details and Project Details. We can also Continue With Hourly or Fixed Price. It’s a totally Secure way for Client and Us both. 

Note : Client’s Email can’t be associated with UPWORK. Otherwise we will get this error :

Order Policy Error - If Client already have an upwork account

Clients don’t need an Upwork account to Proceed

Client’s Don’t have to pay a Fee


Order rate Fixed or Hourly ?
Contract/order Screenshot

3.4% Upwork Fee is just for Service Provider/Freelancer. Not for Client. Client’s Don’t have to pay a Fee

The next Process is to Create Contract amount For fixed Price Works but we can add amount on first step if we will use Hourly Project. Here is a plus point is we can go through a Milestone System by Which we Proceed to whole work step by step.

When a Step of the work will be completed a milestone will be released by Client (You) and We will get the payment for First Milestone. So in this way we can Finish Project Step by Step.

After these I will send the Created Contract to the Client(You) for Review. When the Contract will accepted the Project will be Started

Payment Protecton(Assured by Upwork)

Payments are highly protected by upwork. Upwork Says it Escrow which is a highly protected system of them.

How easy is Direct Client ? –

  • One small fee (Not for Clients)
    Pay only 3.4% for each contract—that’s it. Client does not pay a fee.
  • Instant payment
    Once the client releases our payment from escrow, we have immediate access to it.
  • Easy for clients
    Client doesn’t have to create an Upwork account to accept and fund contracts.
  • Dispute assistance
    Upwork offers mediation service if our project hits a snag.

Payment Protection

How is it Protected With Escrow?

When client funds a Direct Contract, the money is deposited into a secure holding place until the project is completed.

When we finish the project, we request payment from our client who approves the release of funds into our account. If Client don’t take action after 14 days, the funds are automatically released to Freelancer.


How escrow works


Know More Details here –

View our REFUND Policy

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